Commercial Roofing in Chicago, IL

A Competitive Inc. in Chicago, IL, primarily uses asphalt shingles in their commercial roofing projects. Architects, builders, contractors, roof consultants, and building owner/ managers, all stand to benefit enormously from the fact that manufacturers across North America are making asphalt better and more versatile than ever before. Thanks especially to the addition of polymers that add stretch and strength, you can now apply your roof any way you want it - hot, cold, torch or self adhered - to meet your individual project's special needs!
Some of the most exciting advances in the low-slope asphalt roofing industry include peel-and-stick self-adhesive products, as well as new low-fuming asphalt formulations which are popular choices today, particularly when controlling asphalt fume exposure as a priority. While there is no persuasive evidence that exposure to asphalt fumes can pose a health risk (either long -term in workers or short-term in building occupants), there are situations where odor and vapor-control is desired.

The beauty of cold process adhesive application and low-fuming asphalt is that they have been used successfully on high-density, fume-sensitive occupancy type buildings such as health care facilities, schools and college campuses, food preparations centers, airports, fashion malls, fine hotels and financial/office centers, and automotive factories.
Finished the roof of a building - commercial roofing in Chicago, IL

Built Up Roofing

Built-up roofing (BUR) consists of multiple layers of modified bitumen alternated with ply sheets(felts) applied over the roof deck, vapor retarder, and (most often) insulation. Built up roofing systems are particularly advantageous for flat or low-sloped applications. The heart of the system is the membrane which includes the layers of modified bitumen, which is applied hot, and the reinforcing plies of roofing felt.

Benefits Of Built-Up Roofing

Multi-Layer Protection - the multiple layers of the bitumen and the bitumen saturated "felts" make a watertight barrier capable of providing many years of reliable protection from the elements.

Thermal Performance - Built-up roofing systems exhibit exceptional resistance to the conduction of heat between the exterior and the interior of a building, resulting in noticeable reductions in heating and cooling costs

Fire and Uplift Resistance - Built-up roofing systems are tested through underwriters laboratories and factory mutual research corporation to meet very strict fire resistance requirements and ensure adequate uplift resistance under extreme wind conditions.

Economy - Compared to other high performance commercial roofing systems, built-up roofing is one of the best investments on the market due to its competitive cost per year of expected service life.

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