Tuckpointing & Chimney Repair in Chicago, IL

A Competitive Inc. in Chicago, IL, provides a variety of additional services in addition to residential and commercial roofing, including tuckpointing and chimney repairs. View our list of additional services below. Feel free to call if you have any questions!

Additional Services

Chimney Repairs - we use a tuckpointing technique on chimneys to put mortar back in the joints between the brick. We also install concrete caps and concrete archs as well as rebuild chimneys good-as-new or flash the base of the chimney to stop leaks.

Grinding - to remove loose mortar in between bricks.

Brick Repair - to take bad brick out of the wall and replace with new bricks.

Glass Block - helps to make basements or bathrooms more airtight with a nice, clean look.

Lintel Repair - Lintels are what hold up the bricks above all windows and doorways. It is a steel L-channel.

Parapet Wall Repair - A parapet wall is the very top of building on flat roofs. It may be damaged by weather or too much weight causing it to lean in towards the roof.

Chemical Cleaning - Chemical cleaning is to spray or brush a chemical onto the brick area to remove painted area or to remove a black build up of carbon on the brick.

Brick Sealer - Used on new and old cinder block and also bricks. To keep water from soaking into the building masonry.

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